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Little Labs was founded in 1988 by me, Jonathan Little. I came to Los Angeles from the San Francisco Bay Area in 1979 with a background in electronics. I learned my craft at my father's lab at Stanford University, the Palo Alto music scene, and a year course I took at College for Recording Arts in San Francisco in 1978, with mentors Dave Tonneli, Leo De Gar Kulka and Tom Lubin. 

The Studios, Mastering facilities that I worked before full-time operating Little Labs, in chronological order:

Salty Dog Studios (tech & custom design)
Devonshire Studios (tech & custom design)
Cherokee Studios (tech & custom design)
Toto the band (Tech designed VCA grouping system for World tour 1984)
Village Studios (tech & custom design)
A&M Studios & Mastering (tech & custom design)
Conway Studios (Chief tech & custom design)
Marcussen Mastering (custom console design)
Chalice studios (manager and new facility oversight)

For a reasonably comprehensive background article on myself which is suitable for a laugh, here is a Tape Op link to a "behind the gear" column on Little Labs:

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Pictures: Top left: The Early years 1967, Top Right: Glamour Photo 2017 Mid: Little Labs World Headquarters, Bottom: Little Labs staff circa 1995,

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